Australian Unicycle
Hockey League

2017 Results

A Championship

1st SWS Cavalry

2nd SWS Wombats

3rd The Communists

4th SWS Wombats


B Championship

1st  Newtown Zombies

2nd North Shore Unihorns

3rd  Canberra Bushrangers

With a special mention to the development teams; North Shore Duohorns and SWS Eagles; having a great year of hockey.
We want to say congratulations to everyone, lots of great emerging players, excellent play with awesome sportsmanship.



Very Excited to announce:

Kick off friendly hockey day March 10th 2018

9am – 3pm

Morris Iemma Indoor Sports Centre Riverwood.


Everyone is welcome, whether you have a team or not. Come and join in the fun.

Bring different colour shirts as you don’t know whet colour team you will be on 😊

The AUHL will also have their pre-season meeting – please have 1 representative per AUHL team at the meeting. Meeting time tbc.


See you there.


Ashley Curtis

Australian Unicycle Hockey League

Committee Chairman.