Australian Unicycle
Hockey League


What is Unicycle Hockey

Unicycling 1I guess the easiest way to describe Unicycle Hockey is that it's like ice hockey, but on a unicycle.  It is a fast growing sport around the world and is increasing in popularity here in Australia.  Unicycle Hockey is great for fitness and a great way to make friends.  It is fast paced and very exciting, both to play and watch.


How to Get Involved

Unicycle 2For details on how to host a tournament click here.

For details on how to register a team in the League click here.

For details on how to join an existing team click here.


If you want to be a spectator, we welcome spectators to all our tournaments.  Most clubs also have weekly games and you're more than welcome to drop by and watch those too.

We certainly don't mind being in the media either so the media is also quite welcome at any of our games.

If you would like to sponsor a team, or a tournament feel free to contact either the Team Captain or Tournament Organizer.


Joining the Sport

Unicycle 3The easiest way to get started in the exciting sport of Unicycle Hockey is to find your nearest club/ team and head down to say hello.  Most of them play weekly games and beginners are always welcome.  Don't worry if you can't ride a unicycle yet, most clubs can lend you some gear and will be able to provide lots of support to get you up and riding and playing in no time. There are currently many new people joining the sport so you most likely won't be the only one there learning either.