Australian Unicycle
Hockey League

Report by the NBUC president Charles Allum.

Thank you to all that attended the first ever AUHL comp at Riverwood.

The NBUC fielded two teams,


NBUC were kept apart in the 2 x 4 group qualifiers. The Riptides started things off with a hard fought 2-2 draw vs Vikings. Another close game verses the Canberra Roos ended in a 3-2 defeat with a contentious goal scored at the death. The third game vs the Zombies was another cracker, 3-2 to the Riptides. The Riptides & Roos finished equal, with the Roos nicking 2nd and top tier knockout as they won the head-to-head. Zombies took 4th.

In the second group featuring Ash's newly formed Wombats and the Tom & Nick duo of Canberra Rangers, The Stingrays held their own and thanks to a 3-3 draw vs Rangers both Stingers & Rangers were dead level after all results were in. This meant the first ever running penalty shootout which the Rangers won 3-1 and went through to the top tier finals with the Wombats. The scratch team Sloths made up fourth.

2nd round had Riptides up against the Sloths - featuring a brand new hockey player that day - Caroline Stephens! Unfortunately Charlie was in Tournament mode and showed no mercy and the Sloths were easily beaten.

In the other semi it was a much anticipated Stingrays v Zombies. The Zombies nursing their 3 defeats in the group stage came out guns blazing and were 0-4 up at half time (2 x 15min) Once the bickering had stopped the Stingrays fought their way back to 4-5 but composure got the better of them and the Zombies ran out 5-7 winners. A real sting in the side for the Stingers.

The playoff for 5th place was set: Riptides v Zombies! Some rule bending was allowed by the very kind and sporting President which allowed Ryan to join the Zombies from the Sloths to replace the departed Henry. Another epic close game but a Presidents hat-trick and falling limbs off the exhausted Zombies meant a 4-3 win for the Riptides, the winner scored in the last minute.

Stingrays v Sloths was forfeited which gave the NBUC teams a chance to play each other for the first time ever in an elbows out 'friendly'. The Stingrays where schooled (excuse the pun) to a 7-4 defeat to the tireless Riptides.

The two Canberra teams slugged it out in a close pulsating game for 3rd, Roos coming out on top. The final for top spot was of course the two SWS teams. Would the rapid fire shooting of the Vikings trump the Wombats cool as ice possession & passing play? NO. It was close to start but once the Wombats got a hold of the lead they didn't let go. it was close to the end and many moments could have gone either way.

The same could be said about the rest of the games - we lost count of how many were decided by 1 or 2 goals. The face of AU hockey is changing and you saw it here first!

Thanks again to all that made it happen. Can't wait for the next one!