Australian Unicycle
Hockey League

Unicon 17  - Unicycle Convention and World Championships.

July 30th – August 10th 2014 in Montreal Canada.

20 teams competed in Unicycle hockey, 8 teams in the A tournament and 12 teams in the B tournament. Australia had a team in each.

The Australia A team was Luke Hilderbraat, Charles Allum, Lachlan Lamberton, Steven Hughes, Cameron Blight and myself  –  Ashley Curtis.

The A tournament comprised of 8 teams, split in two groups of 4. Our group consisted of Baukau (current German and European Champions), NRW mix (a mixed team from 4 really awesome teams in Germany), and TCUC form America.

We needed to win two games to progress, I knew it would be hard, but would definitely give it our best.


First game was against Baukau, and they are the real deal, all super-fast, all with crazy control and perfect handling. We played defensive but could not stop them. 6 nil at half time. We fought hard, and pushed for a goal in the second half, it opened us up a bit more and finished with a 15 nil defeat. Bam.

Game 2 against NRW mix. They started strong and seamed to pull us apart like Baukau. Half time was 6:1 I think. But it was not like Baukau, we were able to get behind them a few times. With a nice goal to Luke. This gave us some confidence going into the second half, and we were a different team, having a lot of close chances, I got a goal, from near the left sideline, bouncing off the far post and in. The score finishing with an 8:2 loss.

The third game vs TCUC of America. They had some fast riders but where not great at hockey. It was my turn on the sideline, and unfortunately we were a bit unorganised, and missed a lot of chances, at half time it was 3:3. Some changes were made at half time, I played in attack, and this half we took control of the game, with everyone getting on the scoring sheet. Finished with 13:4 win to us. Their only goal in the second half was Lachlans’ hilarious home goal. Ask him about it :).

So unfortunately only the top 2 teams progressed, we missed out and that was the end of our tournament. I do not understand why more games, like the playoff for 5th was not scheduled but I will give some feedback to the IUF for future events.

Baukau and NRW-Mix progressed from our half of the draw, and the Swiss and Vanny A progressed from the other side. NRW–Mix beat Vanny A 11:4 to finish 3rd

The final was Baukau Vs Swiss. I had the privilege to be asked to be the third referee. A truly awesome and entertaining game, Baukau’s controlled possession game, but with only 5 players, vs the Swiss team substituting game, keeping players fresh. Baukau were in front from the start, every time the Swiss got the score back to 1 difference, Baukau pushed out again, eventually winning 6:3. Knocking the Swiss off their position as World champions, that they held for the last 4 Unicons.


Great experience for all our team, as well as the tournament we had a hit out against the Swiss a few days before. And a friendly against Vanny-A, a couple of days after.  Which we won on Penalties after a 5-5 draw.

Also in reflecting, we took it to the third placed team NRW-Mix, we were as good as them in the second half.  Really gives us a benchmark to better next time. Unicon 18 in Spain in two years. How do we improve? Training, more tournaments, keep doing what we have done this year. Also I think we will need a dedicated goalie for the future (Nic Vevers has been telling me this for years). So ideally, a 24” rider has a big opportunity to play for Australia next unicon as goalie. Also international Unicycle hockey plays on big halls, so when possible see if you can train and have tournaments on big halls.


B tournament.

The Australia B team was Cris Bailiff (Captain), Rochelle Braaf. Matt Price, Jamey Mossengren, Laila Mckenzie, David Buchannon, Mark Hughes.

There were 12 teams in the B league, 2 groups of 6. Australia were in the group with Puerto Rico, UnicycleRS (Germany), Unicycle Black (France), USA and UK. All these teams had some real strengths.

Australia lost their first two games, 3:5 loss to Puerto Rico, and 2:1 loss to Unicycle Black. They needed to win there two remaining games, a grudge match against UK and Garath, with a 3:2 win to the Aussies.

The last game was against USA, and it was a must win, a super close game, lots of chances for both teams to win it, time about to run out Jamey was able to make a charge and score, resulting in a 3:2 win. This gave the Ausies 4th sport in the group with top 4 progressing. By my recollection, it’s the first time an Aussie team has progressed past a group stage in Hockey at a Unicon. Awesome effort guys.

Unfortunately coming 4th in the group played 1st in the other group in the Quarter finals, It was a 11:2 loss to Los Samba from Germany.

A great tournament. Most The aussie goals were to Matt and Jamey, also Laila and David each scoring a goal.


Thanks to everyone.

Ashley Curtis,

Australian Unicycle Hockey Captain.